Austin O'Brien Catholic High School is a 966-student Catholic high school in southeast Edmonton. Academics, the arts, and athletics have a long record of achievement at the school. Austin O'Brien provides a learning atmosphere that promotes the Catholic ideals of respect, honesty, loyalty, fairness, and communal and personal development. Throughout the school year, students participate in prayer, retreats, social justice, and community service. A strong emphasis is placed on aiding people in the local and worldwide communities who are less fortunate. Students can enhance their faith by assisting others through the Student Leadership and Christian Leadership options.

As a result of the school's outstanding academic program, students are well equipped for the difficulties of postsecondary study. Experiential and digital learning options in the humanities, sciences, arts, health education and profession and technology motivate students to continue their education after high school in a number of fields. Additionally, Austin O'Brien provides three bilingual language programs in Ukrainian, Polish, and Spanish. Over the course of three years, students in these programs are immersed in language and culture with their peers.

Austin O'Brien has a long history of accomplishment. Our school's motto, "Many Gifts, One Spirit," encapsulates our goal of graduating students who are equipped and confident to live happy, productive lives and, in turn, to share their gifts with others.


It is the mission of our school to help each and every student realize his or her potential and become a responsible, productive, and balanced individual within the context of our Catholic faith.  


Austin O’Brien Catholic High School must have a clear sense of the goals that it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to become, and the contributions that the various stakeholders in the school must make in order to transform ideas into reality. The following vision statement is intended to provide the standards that Austin O’Brien Catholic High School should strive to achieve and maintain. These standards should serve as both the blueprint for our improvement efforts and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.

At Austin O’Brien Catholic High School, students take pride in themselves as individuals, as students of Austin O’Brien, and as members of a faith community.


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International Languages School
Bilingual Programs
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School Information

Yellow School Bus Route: Austin O'Brien
Parish: St. Michael-Resurrection Annunciation


6110-95 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B1A5


Phone: 7804663161
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