Father Michael Troy's Catholic School Community work together as a family to build strong relationships. They strive for excellence in achieving personal, school, and district objectives. They reinforce the essential principles of loyalty, fairness, honesty, dignity, and respect, as well as personal and communal growth, via their faith, and become lifelong learners.

Thursday is flex time. Promoting self-reliance, self-motivation, and responsibility Father Michael Troy is in his third year of a fantastic learning program called Flex Time. Flextime is a time throughout the school day where students can expand their learning, pursue specific interests, engage with others, or seek remediation and learning supports if necessary.

The Flex Time program has been a huge success, with students and staff agreeing that it is time well spent. Students have been extremely active and resourceful in their use of time, seeking one-on-one assistance, completing homework, working on group projects, and studying for examinations. They initially only offered core course work, but due to overwhelming student demand, they have expanded to include seminar sessions in each core academic area, as well as programming in French, Music, CTS, and Physical Education. To date, they've had hundreds of visitors to FMT, including tourists from Norway and Australia, and they've spoken at conferences both locally and internationally.

They're excited to see new initiatives emerge from the work, and they welcome your feedback on FMT's future directions in order to help students become more self-directed and successful, take greater ownership of their learning, and become more self-reliant, intrinsically motivated, and personally responsible.


We, the Catholic School Community at Father Michael Troy will work together as a family to foster positive relationships.  We will strive for excellence in our pursuit of individual, school, and district goals.  Through our faith, we will strengthen our core values of loyalty, fairness, honesty, dignity, and respect, personal and communal growth, and become lifelong learners.

Key Features

High School size gymnasium
School-wide fitness program
Strong Tradition in School Sports
Campus wear policy
Many extracurricular activities
Healthy Choices Concession
Extensive use of Technology
Strong Discipline policy
Renaissance Program


French as a Second Language

School Information

Website: www.fathermichaeltroy.ecsd.net
Yellow School Bus Route: Father Michael Troy
Parish: St. Theresa


3630-23 Street
Edmonton, AB T6T1W7


Phone: 7804711962
Fax: 7804712089
Email: 1025web@ecsd.net