Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School is happy to serve kids from all over the city in an online environment that allows them to participate in meaningful learning opportunities and establish strong relationships with one another while being linked in faith.

The students will have an educational experience that is similar to in-person learning in a virtual setting. Students will be actively engaged in learning for the duration of the school day, participating in all subject areas.

Online learning is genuine, and it includes daily interaction with the online classroom teacher and their pupils. It should not be confused with online learning or pre-packaged classes or modules. Any student who chooses online programming, including those with a wide range of requirements who require an IPP, has access to online learning. Any additional student support will be provided remotely in the most cost-effective manner possible.

They collaborate to provide students with a rich learning environment in which they are genuinely a member of a community of learners. Teachers also provide opportunities for students to participate in online celebrations, extracurricular activities, and clubs in order to provide them with additional experiences and connections. They are looking forward to developing relationships with the students' families and are thrilled to have a School Council this year, where they be able to work together to lay a strong foundation.

School Information

They are proud to support students from across the city in an online platform allowing students to engage in meaningful learning opportunities, as well as form strong relationships with each other while all connected in our faith.
Students will have an educational experience that mirrors in-person learning within a virtual environment.  Students will be actively involved in learning for a full school day where they take part in all subject areas.


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