Holy Trinity High School is a varied community of learners founded on Catholic beliefs and traditions, where they cultivate faith growth, honor individual gifts, promote Christian service, and encourage active citizenship. They encourage students to strive for excellence by emphasizing lifelong learning and a global perspective.

Holy Trinity High School has established itself as one of Edmonton's premier academic high schools since its start in 1984. Our school's philosophy is based on the school vision: "To Care, To Serve, and To Share." Holy Trinity High School serves the intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs of the Mill Woods community's kids. Students and faculty may take Christ's message beyond the school's doors because of the climate of mutual respect, tolerance, and celebration of differences.

The school excels in a wide range of subjects. The Diploma examination scores and the number of Rutherford Scholarships offered to grade twelve students each year demonstrate to the importance of a strong academic foundation in everything we undertake. They are also proud of their sports achievements; the athletes at Holy Trinity have won numerous championships, and the number continues to climb each year. They offer a wide range of complementary courses in addition to academics and athletics to fulfill the interests and needs of all pupils. To get a complete list of all of these great events and services, please go to the Programs tab.


Holy Trinity High School, a diverse community of learners centered on Catholic teachings and traditions, nurtures faith development, celebrates individual gifts, promotes Christian service and active citizenship, teaches for life long learning and global perspective, and challenges students to aspire to excellence. 


We believe:

in nurturing our spiritual growth and living our Catholic Faith.
In affirming the worth and dignity of each individual in the eyes of God and man.
in sharing the responsibility for the educational process among the home, the students, the staff, the church, and the community.
in teaching students to become creative and critical thinkers, effective communicators, and life-long learners.
in encouraging students to appreciate an education that involves a broad spectrum of subjects.
in developing a sense of self-worth and confidence in students through accountability and excellence.
in preparing students and staff to participate in the technological advances for the 21st Century.
in providing opportunities for community service and leadership development.
in promoting the wellness of our students and staff.


International Baccalaureate Middle Years & Diploma Programmes
Language and Culture Program
Spanish Language and Culture
Filipino Language and Culture
English as a Second Language (levels 2-5)
French as a Second Language
WIN Senior

School Information

Website: www.holytrinity.ecsd.net
Yellow School Bus Route: Holy Trinity
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Parish: St. Theresa


7007-28 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6K 4A5


Phone: 7804625777
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Email: 8411web@ecsd.net