Kingsway/Royal Alex is one of three stations on the Metro LRT Line that serves Central and Northwest Edmonton. It features two seasonally heated waiting areas and offers clear sightlines along with a simple platform layout to enhance accessibility, comfort, and safety. It has surface access at both ends of the platform. The top priority when building the station is their health care services that are next to Royal Alexandra Hospital. Kingsway/Royal Alex transit center opened in June 2014 next to the station and integrates bus and LRT service. Kingsway/Royal Alex station primarily serves the residents of surrounding neighborhoods, hospital patients, staff, and visitors, Kingsway and Kingsway Mall businesses and patrons, businesses and patrons along with Kingsway, Victoria School students and staff, and Centre for Education staffs.


1 Kingsway Avenue and 105 Street, Edmonton, Alberta


Southbound: #1114.

Northbound: #1115.