Louis St. Laurent Catholic Junior and Senior High School students benefit from excellent academic instruction, a diverse athletic program, and the ability to profit from and engage in a Fine Arts curriculum that allows them to develop their abilities and gifts.

As an IB World School, they offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programmes. The IB programs are in high demand, and students will benefit from the opportunities and advantages that come with a world-class international education. The International Baccalaureate Organization is a world-renowned leader in international education, encouraging students to be active learners, well-rounded persons, and involved global citizens.

Students can choose from a number of programs to help them reach their greatest potential. People's interests in the arts, athletics, and academics can all be reflected in the program they choose. They collaborate with students as a learning community to ensure that you reach your full potential and complete your courses and programs successfully. The program is designed to help you realize your full intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual potential. They provide a variety of services and programs to help you succeed, including the Registered Apprenticeship Program, the district Knowledge and Employability Program, English as a Second Language programming, Work Experience, and an Inclusive Education Learning Team. The many international students help us to embrace the rest of the world.

They encourage people to participate in athletics, fine arts, Student Council, and any of the groups and activities that are available. People are urged to completely engage in Louis' life. 


Louis St. Laurent is a community of learners committed to nurturing and celebrating each other’s giftedness in the spirit of the Gospel.


We believe that we are unique and worthy persons and that God calls each of us to work together in love, hope, and courage in our school community. Our primary goal is maximizing student learning. We embrace our internationalism which promotes global awareness and understanding. All that we do is centered on the best interests of our students. We believe that by striving for understanding we provide for an environment that stimulates growth and accepts differences. We maintain forgiveness as a basic belief of our Catholic faith that is lived in our school, community, and home. We believe that showing respect for ourselves, each other and our environment provides for harmony and personal growth.


Fine Arts Focus School
International Baccalaureate Middle Years & Diploma Programmes
Spanish Language and Culture
Spanish Bilingual (7-10)
Sports Academy: Hockey (10-12)
French as a Second Language
English as a Second Language (Levels 2-4)
WIN Senior

School Information

Website: www.louisstlaurent.ecsd.net
Yellow School Bus Route: Louis St. Laurent
Parish: St. Thomas More


11230-43 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6J0X8


Phone: 7804353964
Fax: 7804377228
Email: 8409web@ecsd.net