St. Oscar Romero High School is a Grade 10-12 school that first opened its doors in 2004 to serve the West Edmonton region. Romero prides itself on Academics and Athletics, with a student body of roughly 600 kids.

Romero thinks it is critical to nurture the full student and to provide the facilities and collaborative culture necessary to promote academic rigor and study, as well as the growth and nourishment of athletics, fitness, fine arts, fashion and culture, culinary, and vocational-based programming.


In the spirit of St. Oscar Romero, we walk in the light of Christ, called to provide a learning community, rooted in faith, dignity, justice, honesty, and integrity.

In our learning community, the staff recognizes the importance of the individual student. They are committed to understanding the uniqueness of each student. Attention is paid to the whole child, including academic progress, behavior, emotional, and spiritual well-being; consistent with the five core values of Catholic education: dignity and respect, honesty, loyalty, fairness, and communal and personal growth.

Key Features

St. Oscar Romero opened in September 2004.
Romero offers French and Spanish languages. Advanced Placement in English, Biology, Calculus, Art, and various language exam challenges. Honors Program for Social Studies.
A professional learning community school that emphasizes a collaborative approach to education among staff and students
Emphasis on diversity in learning with a student-centered approach to learning
Focus on community building and a personalized approach possible in a smaller high school with a strong faculty advisor program that promotes the development of leadership skills and community involvement.
Online courses are offered to allow flexibility for students in filling their timetables.
Strong social justice program to follow the example of our school's namesake.


Advanced Placement
Language and Culture Programs
Spanish Language and Culture
Filipino Language and Culture
French as a Second Language
WIN Senior

School Information

Parish: Good Shepherd


17760 - 69 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5T 6X3


Tel: 780-428-2705
Fax: 780-489-2873